The University Museum

A general museum, the foci of the University Museum's collections are materials from Central and Southern Philippines, with a special strength in prehistoric and protohistoric archaeology. Administratively, the museum is an academic support unit of the University of San Carlos under the office of Vice-President for Administration. Its objective is to supplement and enhance academic courses offered in the university, and to serve the educational and developmental needs of the country and the Filipino community.

Cebu City has always occupied a significant place in the Philippines, having been the focal point for initial contacts between indigenous peoples and the Western world in the late fourteenth century and for its geographic location right at the center of the Philippine archipelago. It is our aim to develop the museum into an institution that performs a complementary role in the cultural and educational development of the Filipino people, especially in Central and Southern Philippines.

Our priority is to exhibit the local story first and for this reason we are particularly strong in the prehistory of Central and Southern Philippines and the island of Cebu in particular. The museum has grown to be one of the major museums in the country, with an extensive collection in Archaeology.

The elements of both indigenous and foreign, of past and present, as well as of the biological, cultural and religious that have gone into the making of what we are today are exhibited in four galleries: Hispanic/Colonial, Ethnographic, Archaeological/Prehistoric, and Natural History in that order as you enter the museum. The collection on view portrays the cultural development of the Philippines. The extraneous influences that have intruded into the indigenous societies, its close affinity with the peoples of Southeast Asia, the indigenous societies, and the natural environment in which these have thrived.

The present set-up of the University Museum is predominantly anthropological and grew out of the prehistoric, archaeological and ethnographic collection of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. However, with the inclusion of a Natural History section, the educational and cultural potentials of the University Museum is even more greatly enhanced.

We are proud to say that the museum collection the most extensive - in its scope as well as its temporal range.

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Inside the museum

University Museum, University of San Carlos, P. del Rosario Street, Cebu City 6000, Philippines, Tel: +63 32 2531000